Watch: Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After Rescue In Tamil Nadu

The baby elephant was reunited with the family after rescue by foresters in Mudumalai.

The forest department in Tamil Nadu has reunited a baby elephant with its family. The initiative was taken at the Mudumalai National Park in the Nilgiri mountains. A video, shared on Twitter, showed how the officials led the operation to search for the elephant’s family. In the video, the baby elephant can be seen attentively following the rescue team.

Sharing the video, Supriya Sahu, Tamil Nadu Principal Secretary (Environment and Forests), praised the forest officials for their efforts. “A kutty baby elephant was reunited with the family after rescue by TN foresters in Mudumalai. Most heartwarming indeed. Kudos (to the officials),” she said.

The video has garnered more than 146,000 views, so far. 

“Incredible outpouring of love on the kutty baby elephant, who was reunited with the herd by TN Foresters,” Ms Sahu said in a second tweet accompanying another video. 

Here, the cute baby elephant is climbing a narrow elevated portion. It then stopped for a few minutes and cried out in joy after spotting the mother. Moments later, the little one ran towards her. 

“The kutty blows a big trumpet while approaching the mother. Well done Sachin, Vengatesh Prabhu, Prasad, Vijay, George Praveenson, Thamba Kumar, Aneesh, Kumar, and APW teams Pandalur,” said the IAS officer, referring to anti-poaching watchers deputed at Pandalur taluka in Nilgiris district.

The Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is also a tiger reserve. Situated on the northwestern Nilgiri Hills, about 150 km from Coimbatore, it shares boundaries with Karnataka and Kerala. The protected area is home to several endangered species and the Indian elephant, the Bengal tiger and the Indian leopard.


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