Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake Island, is one of the most forbidden islands in the world.

This is an Island that is completely abandoned by the Brazillian Government as it’s an Island inhabited by Snakes and Snakes alone.

This island inhibits the most dangerous and venomous snake “the golden lancehead snakes – a species of pit viper.

The golden lanceheads can grow over a foot and a half long and it’s estimated that the island inhibits about 5000 plus snakes. The venom of the lancehead can kill any human within an hour. This brings a question that with 5000 plus snakes on an island can kill how many humans, just give it a thought.

The snake Island is uninhabited now and is one of the most forbidden places on Earth. Today the navy is taking care of the island and periodically visits the island to keep the lighthouse up and running.

There are no death statistics as the island has been cut off for the people, however if any human is bitten by a regular lancehead viper, there stands a 7 percentage chance of a death if not treated.

The venom of a lancehead viper has been a great toxin that has shows the potentials of fighting a cancer and due to the high demand of such venom, the anti social elements risk their lives the lure or the balck money that is involved.

This island would be great source of toxins that would in future will be a great resource for the mankind.

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