What you think this image could be?

Is that any scenery or any error caused by the webpage?

Well it is a web page that looks so strange and the story behind this will blow your mind.

This web page is created by Alex Tew to raise money for his education in 2005.

This page contains million pixels arranged in 1000×1000 pixel grid.
The concept was very simple, he had to sell the pixel ( let say 10×10) for advertisement. So people could come and purchase the pixel to upload their business image and if someone clicks on it he can directly jump to their business website.

This page went viral and almost all the pixels were sold out within 6 months. Some of the pixels were also on auction just because its popularity. Nearly  $1,037,100 revenue were generated by this page.

What  do you call it, the brilliant idea of a brilliant person or its just a luck that’s his idea worked?
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