Persistence. Ambition and diligence always pays back in full! Don’t you think so? The life story of Mr. Alfred Rao Moturi is one of the better examples for this. He was born and raised in Pune, Maharashtra in a Seventh Day Adventist family, having done his schooling and College in Spicer Memorial College, Pune which during those days had majority of its staff and faculty all from England. Later doing his post-graduation from the then called Pune University in Geography. After the completion of his Educational career he began his Professional career as a Teacher. He Joined as a teacher in the Seventh Day Adventist Mission and was posted at several different places. Being raised under discipline, rules and regulations at home and school he always wanted things to function in a certain manner and when they didn’t it made him upset. Not finding the satisfaction and wholesome feeling of imparting knowledge to his students got him thinking of taking matters into his own hands, and that’s when the thought of starting Deacons Foundation was conceived.

Deacons Foundation had a very humble beginning in 1992, in a place that was very graciously provided by two fantastic Human beings Dr. and Mrs. Vansia. A Dream so true and great it was that he shared with them, to reach out and educated this Village of Sachin and impart 100% English Medium education, the way he had been taught and educated back in his days, as a result of thatfrom day one till date, constant dedicated hard work has been put into Deacons Foundation to make it the way we all see it today. A Magnificent vision,years and years of step by step development and planning has resulted in this great institution we witness. Several Storms no matter how magnanimous in the form of Mighty challenges of all sorts have tried to shake and collapse this institution and Mr. Alfred standing for it but none succeeded.

Mr. Alfred, a highly talented intellect has always been a beacon for all the areas in and around him through Deacons Foundation, and will always continue to do so. The gates will always be open for those seeking help and for those in need. It houses Students of all sorts with absolute in-discrimination. He has always had a passion for music as well and has catered it in the institution for the student who share this passion and they have always been encouraged to achieve more in the field of music. The students under his guidance have grown in various aspects in life and will forever be indebted to him.

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