UnAware is a platform where we write about the things that generally hidden from us and, those things are really informative and interesting to know. On this website, we try to include all things that will really help everybody to take interest and know the mysterious things. More importantly, we also write the stories of a person who achieved something in his/her life that could motivate us to begin a new journey. 

Well, whenever it comes to success and inspiration, most of the time only famous person comes to our mind, no doubt they have achieved a lot of things in their life, but there are a lot of people around us who are doing really great in their life but we either don’t know about him or they are not recognized.

So, here is the small step from our side to bring those people and their work to the world that could really help us to take inspiration from him and know the real meaning of success and start dreaming bigger than just being on a RICH LIST.

We are very thankful for your support and always be ready for your valuable suggestions and feedback.

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