10 Arguments Made By Aryan Khan In Court For Bail

Aryan Khan today applied for a bail in court.

Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, today argued the NCB’s reason for extending his custody – so they could confront him with others arrested after the anti-drugs agency’s raid – was invalid because “confrontation cannot be grounds for custody”.

Here are the 10 arguments made by Aryan Khan in court:

  1. Confrontation cannot be grounds for custody.

  2. There is a series of chats between me and Pratik Gaba but it does not refer to any rave party, they are investigating a rave party.

  3. I have no connection with organisers, Arbaaz is a friend but I am not connected with his activities.

  4. Based on what they found on my mobile they arrested me.

  5. Achit is the only one I am to be confronted with me.

  6. Why is custodial interrogation is necessary? They could have confronted me today.

  7. People who are put in judicial custody can also be confronted when required.

  8. Nothing was done as far as I am concerned.

  9. They did not confront me for two nights. I have no complaints, why will I not cooperate with them.

  10. Yesterday after they arrested him (Achit Kumar), they could have confronted him with Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant. NCB is well equipped, they have more than 100 officers.


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