Mass Suicide of Birds-Jatinga(Assam) – Unaware

Mass Suicide of Birds-Jatinga(Assam)

Jatinga, a small tribal village and Assam’s simplest hill station, is known for the mysterious suicide of birds for the duration of positive weeks of the year though, is because of its mysterious circumstances of the birds coming here to dedicate ‘suicide’.

The birds don’t really suicide at all however they nonetheless flock here to their deaths. The mystery is, why do these birds come here in delirium to embody their stop on the arms of the local people?

In a sure time of the 12 months, in the main from past due August to early October, just after the Monsoon, on a cloudy, misty, foggy evening inside the darkness of a moonless setting, preferably after a bout of rains with a certain wind direction, This has without a doubt baffled professionals and researches are on to locate the cause.

It is said that this incident occurs among 6 pm and 9:30 pm on a foggy night, specifically when there is no moon here at the end of the monsoon.

The purpose in the back of this is also stated differently. People right here trust that ghosts and invisible forces are in the back of this. At the equal time, scientists trust that the strong winds going for walks at night disturb the stability of birds. There are thorny and dense forests right here. Also, there may be no mild here, because of which they collide with the tree and they die. Despite the risk and the repeat performances each year, the birds retain to fly to their death in this small location of 1500 by using 200 meters.

“Jatinga isn’t about birds alone. It has lovely people, adorable oranges and pineapples, and breath-taking herbal scenery all around. Local birds of 44 species stay in this valley. These encompass Tiger Bitturn, Black Bitturn, Little Ehret, Pond Heron, Indian Pitta and Kingfisher etc.

With growing awareness, the authorities have satisfied the villagers to desist from carrying out these killings. The phenomenon became first accidentally spotted with the aid of a collection of tribals in 1905 after they set out with flaming torches to look for their lacking buffalo.

Village: Jatinga

District: Dima Hasao

State: Assam, India

Nearest Place: 330 km south of Guwahati

Nearest Airport: Rowraiah

Nearest Railway Station: Lumding (140 kms from Jatinga)

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